Private provision

The Swiss pension system is based on the three-pillar concept. The benefits of AHV/IV, pension funds and private provision come together and ensure that you can lead a carefree life even after you retire.

Swiss 3-pillar pension: Secure your future

Optimize your pension provision with pillars 3a and 3b for a worry-free tomorrow

Private security

With the help of voluntary private provision (pillar 3a or pillar 3b), you have the opportunity to supplement the benefits from the first and second pillars as needed.

Pillar 3a flexibility

Within Pillar 3a, these contributions can be deducted from taxable income up to an annual maximum amount set by the Federal Council. Depending on your individual needs, various services can be insured.

Tax incentives

The state creates tax incentives for this, particularly within the framework of tied pension provision (pillar 3a). Insured people who make provision voluntarily pay the contributions themselves.

Precautionary services

These can be granted in the form of lump sum payments, pensions in old age or in the event of disability, and benefits in the event of death.