Health care

There are currently more than 50 health insurance companies in Switzerland. The largest providers include CSS, Groupe Mutuel, Concordia, Swica, Assura and Helsana. The question of the optimal health insurance in Switzerland is often raised, but there is no universal answer to it.

Basics of Swiss health insurance

Navigate the Spectrum of Providers, Premiums, and Benefits for Your Optimal Health Coverage in Switzerland.

Individual priorities

The selection depends on which criteria are particularly important to you when it comes to health insurance. A particular provider may be a better fit than another depending on individual priorities.

Identical basic services

Since the benefits of compulsory basic insurance are legally identical for all health insurance companies, the most cost-effective health insurance company can also be the best choice for many insured people.

Service and cost balance

For price-conscious insured people, the monthly premium may play a crucial role, while others place greater value on a comprehensive service package and high-quality customer service.

Versatile additions

In contrast, the situation with supplementary insurance is different. The services vary considerably here, which is why a thorough needs analysis is essential.