Insurances for companies

Group daily sickness benefits insurance

If employees are unable to attend work due to illness, the law stipulates that they continue to receive their salary for a certain period of time. To protect your company from the financial impact of this obligation to continue paying wages, you can take out collective daily sickness benefits insurance. In this case, you pay premiums and the insurer takes over the continued payment of wages for up to two years. Depending on the industry, a collective labour agreement may even require you to take out daily sickness benefits insurance.

Accident insurance according to UVG

According to the Accident Insurance (UVG), an employer is obliged to insure his employees against occupational and non-occupational accidents. Employees who work less than eight hours per week on average for the same employer are only insured against occupational accidents. In this case, the costs of medical treatment for non-occupational accidents are covered by the compulsory health insurance (KVG). Self-employed persons are not subject to the Accident Insurance, but may join voluntarily.

Occupational benefits BVG

The selection of a pension fund presents companies and their employees with ever greater challenges. The advisors at Sostratos AG will provide you with expert and enthusiastic support in designing your pension plan, assessing your current pension fund and evaluating possible new solutions. We offer optimised pension solutions that are individually tailored to your company. In doing so, we continuously monitor your pension fund and keep you regularly informed about current market developments. Our service includes the evaluation of different pension models as well as background information to help you make informed decisions.

Business and professional liability insurance

In every business activity, there is a risk that third parties may suffer damage and make claims. In order to ensure reliable financial protection and to ward off any unjustified claims, business and professional liability insurance offers appropriate solutions.

Legal expenses insurance for companies

Problems and legal disputes are commonplace in the world of work. Industrial legal protection insurance helps you to enforce your rights and covers the associated costs. If a customer complains about your service, a supplier threatens legal action or an employee makes unjustified wage demands, legal disputes can cause trouble and costs. In such cases, your legal expenses insurance offers you extensive support. In addition to covering processing, court and expert costs, your company will be looked after by a personal lawyer.

Business property insurance

Business property insurance provides financial security and support for damage that may affect a company’s movable property. Whether you are a manufacturing company, a bakery, a construction company or a service provider – every business needs comprehensive insurance cover for its property assets such as goods, machinery or office furniture as well as for business income. With business property insurance, you get the cover you need to be financially protected in the event of damage.

Cyber insurance

Clearly, advancing digitalisation brings many benefits, but it also increases risks in the area of information security. Cybercrime and data breaches can have a serious financial impact on companies and affect the trust of customers and partners. Cyber insurance is a form of insurance that protects businesses from the financial consequences of cyber attacks and data breaches. It can cover various areas, including data recovery, reputation management, cyber bullying and extortion.

Motor fleet insurance

Fleet insurance offers companies with a vehicle fleet comprehensive and practical insurance cover. All vehicles are combined in one contract, which reduces both costs and administrative effort. From a certain number of vehicles, fleet insurance is worthwhile, as it can be designed flexibly and the vehicle list is always kept up to date. In addition, it enables automatic adjustment of the insurance cover depending on the age of the vehicle.