Insurance for private customers

Household contents insurance

Whether it’s a fire in the kitchen, a burglary during your holidays or a flooded cellar after a storm: Household contents insurance protects you from the financial consequences of such events. This is because household insurance covers damage to your personal movable property, such as furniture, clothing and electronics, caused by fire and natural hazards, theft and robbery, water damage or glass breakage. If such damage occurs, the insurance will cover the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged items.

Personal liability insurance

Personal liability insurance is useful in many everyday situations and offers protection in the event of damage caused to you or your family members. There are numerous situations in everyday life where something can go wrong, such as dropping a wine glass at a friend’s house, breaking a window while playing football, a broken lens on a rented camera or even an incident where your dog bites a jogger. In such cases, you may face claims for damages from other people. Private liability insurance protects you from the financial consequences in such situations and covers justified claims for damages. In addition, it fends off unjustified claims to protect your interests.

Valuables insurance

Valuables insurance offers you additional security for particularly valuable objects in your home or business. It ideally complements your household contents or business insurance, as it additionally covers the risks of damage, destruction, loss and theft. This means your most valuable items are comprehensively insured, worldwide.

Motor vehicle insurance

As a vehicle owner, you are legally obliged to take out third-party liability insurance. In addition, you can obtain additional protection for yourself, passengers and your vehicle with partial casco, comprehensive, accident and mobility insurance. It is advisable to check the different insurance options and choose an insurance policy that suits your individual needs.

Legal expenses insurance

To protect yourself comprehensively against the costs of a legal case, you can take out private legal expenses insurance as an employee, tenant, patient, sportsman, pet owner, consumer, passenger or private individual. This insurance offers financial protection and support in various areas of life. In everyday life, both small problems and larger disputes can quickly end up in court. It is not always a matter of course that you are in the right and also get justice. With private legal protection insurance, you and your family have a reliable partner at your side in the event of disputes in your private life, who will cover the costs for you. No matter whether you want to make a legal claim or are accused yourself, the solution-oriented legal experts of the insurer are available to help you in this situation.

Travel insurance

With travel insurance, you get fast and professional help worldwide in any kind of emergency situation to ensure a relaxed feeling during your travels. The holiday season is a wonderful time, but what happens if your travel plans are ruined due to illness? Or if a country suddenly becomes unsafe, your luggage gets lost or something happens to you during the trip? With the protection of travel insurance, you are covered for all eventualities before and during your trip and receive round-the-clock support. So you can relax and pack your bags, because in case of problems, professional help and support are at your disposal.

Property insurance

Building property insurance offers building owners protection against the financial risks of a claim. Regardless of whether you are the owner of an industrial, commercial, office or business building, a single-family home, the manager of a condominium owners’ association or responsible for public buildings – every property needs comprehensive insurance cover. With a building property insurance policy, you receive the necessary cover for your building, in addition to the cantonal insurance policies.

Building liability insurance

Building liability insurance offers financial protection as a building owner by paying for justified claims in the event of damage, defending unjustified claims and representing you as the insured person against all injured parties and claimants. As a building owner, you bear a certain responsibility for your building and its surroundings. In the event of damage that causes harm to third parties or financial loss, claims can be made against you. Building liability insurance steps in and covers the costs in such cases.