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Sostratos AG stands for a transparent and digitalised way of working. We want to treat our customers fairly and make a contribution to the environment.

Why have you not used an independent adviser yet?

You are interested in financial issues, but have not wanted to seek advice because many advisors…

Only interested in high commissions

Regular advisers will suggest deals that will benefit them the most, not you.

Are not independent

The usual advisers at insurance companies only want to sell you their own products. Not the ones that are best for you.

The consequences

You get stuck with your overpriced contracts and pay into financial contracts that end up giving you poor value for money and anxiety.

Are part of structured selling

This means closing as many deals as possible and acquiring as many new customers as possible without providing professional support to existing customers.

Changing to an insurance broker will only make sense if...

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Analysis call

Together we will discuss (also online) which topics and contract types you would like to optimise and take a look at your current contracts.


If our services suit you, the next step is to present you with the best 3-5 offers, explain the differences and give you our recommendation.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Sostratos
Basically no. We are paid by the insurance companies to service their insurance customers. However, we reserve the right to perform certain complex additional services on a fee basis.
Yes, we are registered with FINMA as an unbound insurance intermediary. We cooperate with over 30 insurance companies and look for the offer that best suits our clients and their situation.
Our goal is to ensure that every customer has the right solution for him and his situation. It may also be that part of the existing solution fits. We also advise and support you without the need to change insurance.
Our vision is for our customers to have all their important insurance documents online in one place. We also offer all our other services digitally. This is to save resources and make a contribution to the environment.
The contract terms depend on the respective insurance companies and are also part of the negotiations with our customers.